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Why train with JoshStrength Method?

The answer is simple. RESULTS. Josh prides himself on taking people to the next level. He has a superior track record with clients of all levels. In designing your personal program, Josh is completely focused on making sure you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

The JoshStrength Method has produced more 800 pound deadlifters, 600 pound raw bench pressers, and 900 pound raw squatters than any other method. He has worked with top-level IFBB Pro Bodybuilders as well as professional bikini athletes. He trains more than just strength and physique, he has worked with people from a broad spectrum of abilities: from top-level professional athletes, strength and conditioning at the Division I level, football at the high school level, to the everyday person who wants to drop a few pounds or simply get in shape.

Johnnie Jackson- “Josh Bryant is the greatest trainer in the world.” Heather Klaassen -"It has been both an honor and privilege to have such an amazing trainer, mentor, and coach that possesses both the knowledge and experience necessary to take any athlete to the next level. Josh's utilization of his strength training methods has definitely made me a tougher competitor, both in the weight room and on stage." Loraine Hamilton- "When I said I couldn't, he said I could... and I did. He took an intimidated little girl with no confidence and made her into a winning competitor!!"
Jeremy Hoornstra- "Josh Bryant evaluated my workouts, changed and rewrote them to achieve optimal gains, and has pushed me farther than I thought I could go in a short amount of time- soon past not only the weight class bench press world record, but past the all-time world record as well."
Brandon Cass- "Training with Josh is like having someone in your corner in the boxing ring; he supports and pushes, but listens and adjusts. He makes you believe you can do something you otherwise would question. FAITH!" Charla Corn- "I've struggled with my weight since college and the only way I was truly able to see both a mental and physical change was though the JoshStrength Method."

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