Flow like a butterfly, sting like a Puerto Rican Okie

By: Josh Bryant  Chavez mastering flow destroyed Taylor’s career.The year was 1995, little did I know, the school of hard knocks was about to give me an honorary doctorate in the art of “flow” and my professor was Gilbert, a half Puerto Rican/ half Okie that spent half his time behind bars and the other…


Neck Training with Head Nods

(No equipment, no time, no problem- the quick fix to building a muscular neck)By: Josh Bryant The look respected in a potentially volatile situation is not that of the men’s physique competitor with huge biceps! If one looks to build a physique that screams alpha male physical prowess and drips with masculine virility, it all starts…

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Rest-Pause Training—Why It Works

by: Josh Bryant When it comes to size and strength building methodology—the rest-pause method is the presidential suite at the Ritz.  Time to check out of Motel 6. So, pour out that ripple, put out that swisher sweet, and  take a ride in a Big Ol’ Cadillac for a King of Denmark Cigar, washed down with…

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Time Under Tension Tactical Training

by: Josh Bryant and Adam benShea  Thank you for continued, loyal support!  Because of this, for the next week, our newest book, Time Under Tension Tactical Training, will be available at the early bird price of $3.99. Grab it HERE before it doubles. “The time under tension training helped met at work. I got into an extended fight with…


Heat Acclimatization

With summer coming, let’s look at how heat acclimatization plays a vital role in modulating the body’s physiological responses and general ability to manage with exposure to heat. Heat acclimatization is an encompassing term that means a succession of adaptations that take place over seven to 14 days (with 75% of adaptations taking place the…

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6 Ways to Recruit More Fast-Twitch Muscle

By: Josh Bryant Fast-twitch muscle fibers have the most potential for growth, lift the heaviest weights, lead to Tinder right swipes, aid in explosive movements on the field of play, and deliver the knockout blow in the self-preservation scenario at the gas station at 3 am.  With all of the benefits—let’s take a look at…

The Burpee

#QUARANTINEREADY Squat Thrust Workout

by: Adam benShea   You’re hanging out at home, a border town hotel, or an abandoned gun club on the Gulf coast.  This leaves you with some time for reflection.   Coffee in hand, you remember being a kid and hearing your grandpa reminisce about the old days.  One of the many things you noticed about him was the way…

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Transforming Your Environment to Achieve Goals

By: Josh Bryant The brain connects an environment with a specific situation.   Think back to Pavlov’s dogs; Russian researcher, Ivan Pavlov, presented a stimulus (e.g. the sound of a metronome) and then gave the dog food. After a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the sound. Environment is Everything Imagine dealing with a drinking problem; you overcame the…

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Psyching Up for Strength Sports

By: Josh Bryant Doug Young, Master of Psyche A strength athlete cannot have his mind occupied with  balancing individual liberties and individual dignity in the whole dwarf tossing debate, or how to tell his parents about the exotic dancer he met on the side of the road near the snake farm, if he plans on putting…

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Quarantine Workout

We appreciate your support! All this workout requires is a desire to get better. It’s a pure bodyweight workout. Remember, anything outside your bodyweight is a luxury. Let’s have some fun with calisthenics. Enjoy this FREE workout!