De-Inhibition Training: The Secret to Unlocking Unseen Limit

De-Inhibition Training: The Secret to Unlocking Unseen Limit

By Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato Fred Hatfield pioneered de-inhibition training You don’t go outside and grab the mail naked, even if you are not embarrassed or have no ethical qualms, it can still land you in county. But what about that one time on Avenida Revolution in Tijuana after a night of wine, women…


Warm Up: The Science and Practice

by Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato Jack Dempsey shadow boxing to warm up. As coaches, we have witnessed top-tiered high school programs literally demand players squat over 400 pounds with no warm up.  Yet, others in the fitness industry advocate warm ups that take longer than workouts. In a nutshell, as the late, great Charles…

NEW YORK - MAY 20,1986: Mike Tyson (L) throws a punch against Mitch Green during the fight at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. Mike Tyson won by a UD 10. (Photo by: The Ring Magazine/Getty Images)

I Intend—Therefore I AM!

The starting point of every dream and great achievement is intention. Everything that happens starts with intention.  Intention, this creative power, sets natural laws in motion to work for what you desire at the subconscious level.  Understanding this power means the manifestation of your dreams.  Being unaware of it means you are a leaf in the wind of…

Boss of Bosses

Boss of Bosses

Ogden Myklebust III, TD Davis, James Strickland, Julius Maddox, Josh Bryant and Rob Hall (not pictured: Adam “Hollywood” Ferchen) This past weekend was one of the highlights of my coaching career, hell, my life! I want to share with you how well my lifters did at Boss of Bosses 6; always a first-class event, run…


Board Presses for Strength and Size

By: Josh Bryant There is a big, strange and strong dude at the gym bench pressing with 2 x 4s on his chest. His guns look like AR15s compared to the Red Ryder bb guns typically seen in the gym, oh yeah he is also cock strong. Success leaves clues. Explaining the Board Press A…

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Building Ham-Hock Hamstrings

by: Josh Bryant Out of sight out of mind might be your go-to strategy with your credit card bill!  But, this mindset is responsible for hideous hamstring development on both gym rats and performance athletes, aesthetically resulting in an imbalanced physique, while injury risk is increased and performance is decreased. Selfie-snapping “insta lifters” throw in…


Bench Press Leg Drive- The Elusive Purple Unicorn

by: Josh Bryant   Peter Edgette, blasting up 600 Bench press leg drive is discussed in strength circles like a secret cure-all potion that only the elite have access to and yet refuse to share it with the meager masses.  Hang around any Twatwaffle Fitness, Inc. long enough, read muscle mags or just log onto Instagram…

Carroll Stadium

Mastering Momentum–Motel to Mansion Mindset III

By: Josh Bryant The motel mindset is never ready for a million-dollar opportunity because it operates at a poverty level of consciousness. The mansion mindset capitalizes on million-dollar opportunities  because it has mastered momentum. The motel mindset operates off of emotion when it comes to buying the latest iPhone but off of logic when it…

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Training Frequency- Prilepin’s Chart

I often get asked which works best between linear periodization, block periodization, undulating periodization and reverse linear periodization. Should powerlifters use Prilepin’s Chart? What about training frequency? Because of the demands of these questions, I have decided to answer them via video. Check it out!


Carlton Snitkin, Physical Culturist Extraordinaire

by: Paul Leonard Carlton Snitkin left this world in May 2018 at the age of 72, but long after leaving his mark on and off the platform. In his 72 trips around the sun, Carlton inspired innumerable people with is Powerlifting prowess and coaching excellence. Open Powerlifting documents that his best official lifts are an…