Bench Press Leg Drive- The Elusive Purple Unicorn

by: Josh Bryant   Peter Edgette, blasting up 600Bench press leg drive is discussed in strength circles like a secret cure-all potion that only the elite have access to and yet refuse to share it with the meager masses. Hang around any Twatwaffle Fitness, Inc. long enough, read muscle mags or just log onto Instagram and you…

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Mastering Momentum–Motel to Mansion Mindset III

By: Josh Bryant The motel mindset is never ready for a million-dollar opportunity because it operates at a poverty level of consciousness. The mansion mindset capitalizes on million-dollar opportunities  because it has mastered momentum. The motel mindset operates off of emotion when it comes to buying the latest iPhone but off of logic when it…

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Training Frequency- Prilepin’s Chart

I often get asked which works best between linear periodization, block periodization, undulating periodization and reverse linear periodization. Should powerlifters use Prilepin’s Chart? What about training frequency? Because of the demands of these questions, I have decided to answer them via video. Check it out!


Carlton Snitkin, Physical Culturist Extraordinaire

by: Paul Leonard Carlton Snitkin left this world in May 2018 at the age of 72, but long after leaving his mark on and off the platform. In his 72 trips around the sun, Carlton inspired innumerable people with is Powerlifting prowess and coaching excellence. Open Powerlifting documents that his best official lifts are an…


Bench Press—4 Trade Secrets

by: Josh Bryant Jeremy Hoornstra after an epic battle with West “by God” Virginia Legend, Brian Siders Boys in the North African Fulani tribe become men by engaging in a rites of passage ritual with a rival tribe that involves two young boys entering a ring shirtless, each carrying a cane or whip.  From here,…


Chuck “The Truck” Braxton

by: Adam benShea The story of Chuck “The Truck” Braxton is a unique one and it brings to mind the words of legendary big wave surfer, Mark Foo, who said: “It’s not tragic to die doing something you love.”  An elite level Masters powerlifter, Chuck had a few bumps in his road, but maintained a caring…


Harnessing the Power of PAP- Practical Application

By: Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato Fred Hatfield utilizing post activation potentiation (PAP) pre-deadlift. If you want to take a good look at a T-bone steak, you can stick your head up a bull’s ass or take the butcher’s word. If option one is needed, please review the why HERE;otherwise, T-bones, anyone?  Let’s get to the meat…


Harnessing the Power of PAP

By Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato Ben Johnson squatted 600 pounds 10 minutes prior to running a 9.79-second 100-meter dash world-record in 1988! Was Johnson’s coach, Charlie Francis, outhouse rat crazy or drunker than Cooter Brown? Jeremy Hoornstra did a maximal isometric contraction on the bench press eight minutes prior to setting the all-time world…


The Jailhouse Strong 8 x 8 Off-Season Powerlifting Program – Special, early-release price! $2.99!

5 DAYS ONLY!!  Are you tired of entering meet after meet with minuscule increases in your total as you perpetually burn out?  Stop burning the candle at both ends! A properly planned powerlifting off-season separates the champs from the chumps. The Jailhouse Strong 8 x 8 Off-Season Powerlifting Program will give you the tools to…


Prilepin’s Chart- Five Reasons I Don’t Use It

By: Josh Bryant EJ “Doc” Kreis leading Colorado onto the field In 2004,  I drove 100 miles each way for an unpaid internship with the legendary strength and conditioning coach, Doc Kreis.  Doc was old-school; he knew one way– heavy weights and extreme conditioning.  The internship was at UCLA on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Mondays, I would…