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Quarantine Workout

We appreciate your support! All this workout requires is a desire to get better. It’s a pure bodyweight workout. Remember, anything outside your bodyweight is a luxury. Let’s have some fun with calisthenics. Enjoy this FREE workout!


Dominate Conditioning Tests!

By: Josh Bryant Linear periodization was the training methodology of nearly every top-level strength athlete until the mid-1990s. Even today, this proven, old-school approach has a faithful following of biblical proportions.  Linear Periodization Summarized, this type of periodization begins a training cycle with low intensity and high volume, and, progressively, intensity increases while subsequently volume decreases. As reps decrease, the…

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No Gym? No Problem!: Maximizing Bodyweight Training During the Quarantine

Josh talks about mindset and bodyweight training on the Art of Manliness Podcast HERE. Behind bars, everyone is always watching and waiting to figure out who are the predators and who are the prey. The average con is not looking for a challenge, but for easy pickings. He may be looking to take your life…


Thriving When the Stakes are High!

(Turning Crises into Opportunity) It’s 4th and goal, one yard to go and the game is on the line, you know the kind where you see nothing but elbows and assholes. A game-day fullback prays for the pig skin, knowing if he gets the ball he will score; no matter what’s in front of him,…

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Tactical Strongman

Tired of all the latest training “advancements” that leave you physically flaccid and mentally numb? For half the cost of a day pass to a trendy chrome palace gym, you can have access to the most comprehensive strongman system and book ever written. Powerlifting is limit strength, bodybuilding is all about muscle hypertrophy, and Olympic…


Bruce Greig Deadlift Routine

By Paul Leonard I am writing this article as a way to thank the legendary masters age powerlifter Bruce Greig. For those lifters who are unfamiliar with Bruce and his accomplishments, I will start by telling you that this former professional ice hockey enforcer turned powerlifter has officially deadlifted 800 lbs on 100 plus occasions…


Gas Station Ready Interval Training (NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED)

By: Josh Bryant and Adam benShea  Tom Haviland is always Gas Station Ready. Sometimes, you want some late-night Waffle House. At other times, your buddy needs a ride home from his new bouncing gig at the local Kick n’ Stab Tejano joint.  For whatever reason, you are out late and you realize that your gas…

I think, therefore I am

I think, therefore I am

By Josh Bryant What do you think about fatherhood? The more you watch TV, the more you probably think of dads as incompetent, foolish and disconnected  from their  children. What about when you hear the word “old”? Do you see a senile, inept, Viagra pill-poppin’ fool who suffers from an alphabet soup of  mental and…

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No Equipment? No Problem! Build Explosive Lower Body Strength

By: Josh Bryant You can attempt to hide skipped leg days with baggy 1990s bodybuilder sweats! BUT, there will be no hiding your lack of speed, strength and explosive power! Strong and powerful legs epitomize functionality. This is a churched up way of saying they transfer to pretty much any real-world activity that requires athleticism.  …


Epidemic Survival Strategies for Fitness Enthusiasts and Professionals

by Joseph Giandonato, MBA, MS, CSCS Disclaimer: The content disseminated in this article shall not be constituted as medical advice, nor should any of the suppositions set forth supersede the time-sensitive directives enacted by government organizations and public health agencies which are both empirically driven and continually evolving. Every aspect of our lives has been…