Tactical Grip Training Book

The modern dreariness of sedentary screen time results in you staring down at a midsection growing faster than the national debt.

Well, it’s time to look up from that navel gazing and out toward a sincere symbol of unapologetic vigor, vitality, and virility.

Across time, grip strength endures as the initial indicator of physical and moral strength.  Massive forearms pop out from shirtsleeves and a firm handshake is the classic symbol of integrity.     

Your grip is the limiting factor or the limitless catalyst to all things strength.

For the tactical athlete, martial artist, and strength enthusiast increased grip strength results in lifting more weight, tighter submissions, and a better hold on reality.

Additionally, recent studies show that grip strength is an important indicator of overall health.

Big, jacked forearms are the centerpiece of a no-nonsense physique and they are a foregone conclusion when you follow the training program included in this book.

Knowledge is power.  Empower yourself for half the price of a sugar-filled smoothie with Tactical Grip Training. 

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