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The Tyson Minimalist Training Routine

                  by: Adam benShea   Mike and Cus At Jailhouse Strong, we believe in the importance of heroes, the power of mentors.  Like the points on a compass, they guide us in our journey.  Mike Tyson’s mentor was the enigmatic Cus D’Amato, who guided Tyson in boxing, training, and life.   Constantine “Cus” D’Amato was born January 17, 1908 in…

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Tactical Density Training Released

Money-hungry gurus and persona non grata fitness celebrities offer the lone pathway to hypertrophy heaven. Still, their flock faithfully follows their lead but remains in muscle-building limbo. The bottom line is many roads lead to the muscle-building Rome. However, rather than staying on the long, traditional played-out paths, we are offering you a detour, a…

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Aerobic Training for Strength and Power

By: Josh Bryant In many strength circles, the word “aerobic” is a dirty word and as welcome as an ATF agent at a Popcorn Sutton party. ATF….who’s bringing the chips? Aerobic training, properly applied, does not mean you need to trade in your barbell for a pink tutu! In fact, aerobic exercise is a means…

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