Incorporating Deadstop Deadlift Reps

man lifting weights

by: Josh Bryant “Hey Josh, I have just started powerlifting and am new to deadlifting.  I did 315 pounds for eight reps using the “bounce” style off the floor.  An older powerlifter at the gym told me to stop each rep and now I can only do three reps.  Which style should I use in…

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ISSA- My Journey

A picture of Josh Metroflex

by: Josh Bryant As a kid, I was captivated by professional wrestling and obsessed with building muscles.   Ever since I was five years old, I wanted to be around serious strength training 24/7.  As a teenager, I loved sports. This passion led me to the YMCA weight room where I met ISSA co-founder, Dr. Sal…

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Becoming More Resilient-
Tactical Conditioning 

by: Josh Bryant Elite tactical athletes move like gazelles, can keep on going like the energizer bunny, pack the power to kickdown doors and the strength to break what’s on the other side. Tactical athletes (military, law enforcement, firefighters) are unique because they must possess the tactical skills, physical ability, speed, conditioning and strength to…

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Deload to Reload

A man lifting weights in his garden

by: Josh Bryant NFL teams are not doing full contact scrimmages the day before a game.  Champions in West “By God” Virginia beer pong ain’t getting three sheets to the wind the night before demonstrating their power drinking prowess at local kick n’ stab bar. You can’t go all out all the time and expect…

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