Olympic Lifts for Tactical Athletes

A man flipping a giant truck tire

by: Josh Bryant The Olympic lifts are a proven method of developing and increasing power production! Olympic weightlifting coaches rightfully shout from their soap boxes that the Olympic lifts are highly technical and require years for proficiency, let alone mastery. Ironically, these same coaches promote the Olympic lifts as the holy sacrament of strength and conditioning programs…

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Powers of the Mind

A digital cover of the Powers Of The Mind by Josh

ON SALE! This week ONLY! $3.99 Thank you for your continued support. Purchase HERE. Powers of the Mind Are you tired of reading regurgitated “mindset” posts on social media from folks who have disastrous personal lives, relationships, and have achieved nothing worthwhile in their chosen endeavor? Even the “experts” offer no real tools beyond feel-good memes. Focused mind…

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Periodization -7 Grandaddy Laws

A group of people posing in a gym

When the ivory tower studies periodization, they allude to each type like mutually exclusive dating and usually end up getting married to their favorite.   Those in the trenches with the highest amounts of success use each type of periodization for the right situation and context. Nearly all successful training plans weave together elements from each…

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