Bench with Maximum Power

A handbook on explosive bench pressing

Straight from Julius Maddox’s own coach Josh Bryant, a manual with the info that will blow away your plateaus! In this manual Josh covers a simple concept in expert detail to help you overcome sticking points and bench with maximum power. In addition, the manual includes a 12 Week Program to get you in the strongest shape of your life! What are you waiting for?…

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Progressive Overload—
There is No Other Way

Image representing progressive overloading

By: Josh Bryant When I was 14 years old in 1995, my first powerlifting mentor, Steve Holl (RIP), took a cursory glance around Santa Barbara Gym and Fitness Center.  In disgust, Steve squinted his eyes and said, “Look around this gym. The same people lifting the same weights, doing the same exercises, and looking the same…

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Put a Little Old in the New School: Forgotten Dumbbell Exercises

Vintage picture of a male weightlifter

By: Josh Bryant Legendary strength coach Al Vermeil says, “You show me the exercise, I will show you what we used to call it.” The two exercises I am going to share have recently made a small resurgence.   I am not suggesting you execute these movements; I am not suggesting you avoid them. I am…

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Perception is Reality

A motivational quote from Bob Proctor

by: Josh Bryant A picture of Popcorn Sutton’s White Lightning ain’t West “By God” Virginia’s best moonshine, a road map is not a map and menu is not a meal. Regardless, people often confuse their perceptions with facts. When you are donating money to charity, your perception is either: it is an expense or an…

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