Calm After the Storm

A weightlifter wearing a “GAS STATION READY” shirt

by: Josh Bryant Some people are so uptight, if you stuck a lump of coal up their ass, in two weeks, you’d have a diamond!  Think about the Karen that heads up the local HOA, the powerlifter that takes a 1000 mgs of caffeine before a deload workout or the linebacker always over pursuing. These folks are all sympathetic…

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Neck Training—When, Why & How

Neck of a man lifting heavy weights

by: Josh Bryant Baptiste Deodati, a long time user of Tactical Shield Training. 1990s oversized sweats can cover up missed leg days. Baggy t-shirts can hide the recent Asian Fusion Buffett Binges, but ain’t no hiding a stack of dimes neck. It’s not just all about the aesthetics of a no-nonsense physique. In tennis, if you…

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The Texas Extreme Powerbuilding Program

Muscular man doing bench presses

by: Josh Bryant Get the best of bodybuilding & powerlifting to develop size, symmetry, & strength. Over a decade ago, I co-authored with the legendary, Brian Dobson, the iconic, best-selling, Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics. The powerbuilding principles have stood the test of time. Over time, I have refined the powerbuilding approach by logging thousands of…

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Training Adaptations—Fitness Fatigue Model

A picture of three men at a restaurant

By: Josh Bryant Meeting of the Minds at an Undisclosed Location As a teenager I remember this 35-year-old bodybuilder we will call Jimbo who lived in his van. This cat was a total disaster and did 70 sets per body part in training; “Two sets for each year” was his mantra and at 14 years…

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Derek Thistlewaite—Strength Strategies


by: Josh Bryant Often, strength coaches like using big words, but, unfortunately, they also lift small barbells! These mullets unwaveringly defend their favorite mode of periodization because it worked best on hungover, malnourished, jabroni college kids in a study. This circle jerk stimulates academics in the ivory tower, but won’t cut the mustard in building…

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