5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Bench Press

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by Josh Bryant World’s Strongest Man Competitors, gym bros and Chippendales dancer are asked one question when venturing into public, “How much ya bench?” As a powerlifter, the bench press is one of your competition lifts. If you were an inmate in San Quentin in the 1970s, your bench press strength determined your position in…

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Just Released

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In elite iron game circles, nothing is more coveted than a big bench press! In high school, the bench press is your bragging right. In the collegiate and professional ranks, athletes use the bench press to build upper body strength and mass. If you are a powerlifter, a great emphasis is placed on the bench…

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Shane Hunt—Strength Strategies

A participant at a heavy lifting competition

by: Josh Bryant Beginners build strength and muscle at a faster rate than experienced lifters, aka, newbie gains.  Shane Hunt, while just 24 years of age, ain’t no newbie; he has been competing in powerlifting for 10 years.  In February, at the WRPF Ghost Clash, weighing 268, Shane totaled 2160 raw, with a 755 squat, 501…

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Safe Execution of Strongman Events

A man lifting heavy makeshift weights

By: Josh Bryant Strongman training is lifting heavy, awkward objects and moving  them from point A to points B – whether that is from the ground to overhead, or from a designated start point to a finish point. Strongman training helps SWAT team physical preparedness, the aging Mrs. Jones carry in grocery bags, the linebacker, and the…

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Olympic Lifts—Fun, not Fundamental

Man doing burpees in a gym

by Josh Bryant Explode for Strength Go to your local “strength and conditioning center” or trendy chain gym and see the poor souls   hitting bastardized cheat curls that, in their warped world, moonlight as power cleans. Even scarier, more ambitious members will hit snatches and then the ambulance hits the gas.  It takes strength coaches with…

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