Dead Stop Deadlifts

A man lifting weights

Listen up and prepare to enter the world of squats and bench presses. Both exercises start with the weight at the beginning of the range of motion, and then you lower it. During this eccentric phase, your muscles store elastic-like energy that, if you choose to use it, can make it easier for you to return…

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Two men exercising

This program is not for the faint of heart. This is for those who are ready to push themselves to their absolute limits & come out on the other side stronger than ever before. If you’re looking to increase your total continually & crush your PRs – then listen up. I’m talking about my XXL…

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The Ultimate Trap Builder

A man with a dumbbell

by: Josh Bryant Picture this: It’s 3:30 AM and you’re at the Waffle House, trying to enjoy your late-night meal in peace, when a scraggly-looking meth head with a reeking scent of cheap liquor approaches you.  He then notices your Herculean traps, and with the fear of becoming scattered, smothered, and covered he quickly runs…

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Deadlift More Today and Forever

A jumping man

by Josh Bryant The deadlift has been around longer than your grandma’s antique China set. Back in the day, cavemen would lift rocks for survival. If they couldn’t lift it, they got their brains bashed in like a piñata, just like some pendejo that asks too many questions in Tijuana’s Dandy Del Sur. If you’re…

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Aerobic Conditioning for Strength Athletes 

A man in a yellow shirt

Josh Bryant Howdy y’all, let’s talk about a subject for strength athletes that’s often as welcome as a Turkish oil wrestling match at a Baptist church picnic – aerobics. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Josh, are you suggesting we trade in our barbells for pink tutus and start a pole dancing aerobic class?”  Well,…

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What’s holding you back?

Men cheering on a weightlifter

by: Josh Bryant Let me tell you a little story about some rats and a pool. Back in the day, Dr. Curt Richter from Harvard University decided to test these little critters and see how long they could keep their heads above water. Turns out, after about 15 minutes, these rats would give up and…

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