No Bench, No Problem: Build Bigger Pecs with Little to No Equipment

A man with glasses lifting thirty kilograms

by Joseph Giandonato, MBA, MS, CSCS Don’t let a busy gym, packed schedule, or limited equipment derail your pec-building pursuits.  Sometimes a crowded gym reminiscent of an early 90s Monday night battle royale. But instead of androgen engorged hulking men in fluorescent colored spandex, social media influencer-wannabes are occupying the fitness floors, nearly trampling over…

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Build Starting Speed

A man running up the hill for exercise

by: Josh Bryant Whether you are chasing down some carny-looking meth head, attempting to gank a catalytic converter outside of Waffle House or pursuing Grid Iron Glory, you rarely ever reach top speed!  Therefore, starting speed and acceleration are the most important components of sprinting.  Think of “starting speed” as that “first step”.   Intriguingly, to…

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Bodyweight Training for STRONG PEOPLE

Two men working out at a community park

by: Josh Bryant Two-hundred-fifty-pound Indian super heavy weight wrestling champ “The Great Gama” built a 56-inch chest, enjoyed a 50-year undefeated wrestling career, and was one of the strongest men in his day, while training with just his bodyweight! Arguably the greatest running back of all-time, Herschel Walker, built his granite-like physique with nothing more…

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Fitness Fatigue Model

A man working out with weights at the gym

What’s the difference between Virginia and West “By God “Virginia? In Virginia, Moosehead is a beer. In West Virginia, it’s a misdemeanor! Similarly, did you know the exact same amount of total volume in training can have a completely different training effect on the same lifter—that brings us to the fatigue model.   What exactly is…

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