The Total Repetition Method—Jailhouse Strong Style Back Training


(Build a big, powerful back with an old-time Jailhouse favorite) By: Josh Bryant A well-developedback is essential to both a #gasstationready and #chippendales ready physique!  When it comes to back development, maybe your gains have taken a back seat for too long with traditional methods or you just want to try something new. Here is…

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The Best is Yet to Come!

By: Josh Bryant A therapist asks, “What seems to be your problem?” The client answers, “My problem is ______.” STOP! Why the hell would someone seeing a therapist want to keep a problem and take ownership over it? That is exactly what the client is doing by saying “my” problem. When you say my, you…

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Bill “Peanuts” West and Old School Physical Culture

                                                    By: Adam benShea, PhD Born in 1937 as William Weiss in Pennsylvania, but better known as Bill “Peanuts” West, Peanuts is responsible for bringing together one of the most important gatherings of lifters and training knowledge in physical cultural history.  Like an old Charles Atlas sales pitch, West was a weak and skinny kid until he…

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