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Warm Up: The Science and Practice

by Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato Jack Dempsey shadow boxing to warm up. As coaches, we have witnessed top-tiered high school programs literally demand players squat over 400 pounds with no warm up.  Yet, others in the fitness industry advocate warm ups that take longer than workouts. In a nutshell, as the late, great Charles…

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I Intend—Therefore I AM!

The starting point of every dream and great achievement is intention. Everything that happens starts with intention.  Intention, this creative power, sets natural laws in motion to work for what you desire at the subconscious level.  Understanding this power means the manifestation of your dreams.  Being unaware of it means you are a leaf in the wind of…

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Boss of Bosses

Ogden Myklebust III, TD Davis, James Strickland, Julius Maddox, Josh Bryant and Rob Hall (not pictured: Adam “Hollywood” Ferchen) This past weekend was one of the highlights of my coaching career, hell, my life! I want to share with you how well my lifters did at Boss of Bosses 6; always a first-class event, run…

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