Gaining Size Vs. Gaining Strength

Four men in front of a gym

Brian Dobson, Jeremy Hoornstra, Josh Bryant & Branch Warren at Metroflex Gym  Back in the day, I found myself in the gritty Italian section of Philadelphia. I stumbled upon a local gym that was more like a fancy fitness center than a hardcore iron pit. Exhausted as hell, I needed a pick-me-up, so I ordered…

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5 Essential Strength Building Tips

A man carrying weights

Whether you’re into CrossFit, Olympic lifting, or even if you’re crazy enough to wrestle alligators while brewing moonshine, strength is your golden ticket to success! And hey, if you’re trying to impress that smokin’ hot girl at the Allsup’s gas station in rural West Texas, trust me, being jacked ain’t gonna hurt your chances! Now,…

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Bigger Faster Stronger: Put to the Test

A lumberjack with a beer

by: Josh Bryant Everyone knew of Dirk, but they also had the sense to keep their distance and avoid getting to know him well. Dirk was a towering presence at bodybuilding shows. He would strut around, making the other competitors on stage feel small, weak, and emasculated.  Always in his trusty lumberjack flannel, he was…

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CrossFit and The Seven Grandaddy Laws

Three smiling men

by: Josh Bryant Popcorn Sutton had a meticulous approach to moonshine-making. He would scour the mountains for the perfect holler, a secluded spot where he could set up his operation undisturbed.  Popcorn would search for the finest creek, with water that ran pure and crisp, which was essential for creating a top-notch brew. When it…

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