Six Highly-Effective Chest Movements

A picture of Josh in his gym

by: Josh Bryant A thick, muscular chest strikes admiration in the hearts of men and garners prolonged, feminine stares at the local community pool.  The bottom line is, a well-developed chest is the cornerstone to a powerful and rugged physique. A decent set of arms at the corporate chrome palace fitness center is about as…

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Small Stuff for Big Gains

A man lifting a weight over his head while lying on his stomach

By Josh Bryant Thirty years ago, striped spandex and shiny chrome machines were the “expert” preferred path to physique sculpting and performance enhancement. But, in reality, that advice ain’t even close enough for government work and is as welcome as a porcupine at a nudist colony. Thankfully, over the past 15 years, with the popularity of…

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