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Dynamic Correspondence or Transfer of Training to Sports Performance

No matter how fun or novel something looks…… A good guide on transference is the following factors identified by the late legendary, Soviet Sports Scientist, Yuri Verkhoshansky, are what is called dynamic correspondence or transfer of training to sports performance.  ✔️Accentuated Regions of Force Production (where in the range of motion are the greatest forces…

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The Science of Training: Deltoids

by Josh Bryant and Joe Giandonato The metaphorical armor of a great physique is capped with a pair of cannonball delts. Beyond aesthetics, strong, well-developed shoulders are an insurance policy for contact and combat sport athletes while offering both performance and injury-prevention benefits in sports ranging from Kushti to cricket to powerlifting!  Initially, incremental progressive…

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Deadlift More- TODAY!

30 years ago, Spandex was the preferred gym attire, Tony Little held the answer to a six pack and static stretching, from big leagues down to the bush leagues, was the promised messiah to performance enhancement and injury prevention. But, in the 1990s, the once-faithful static stretching choir started making heretical accusations questioning the deification…

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