Bicep Injuries While Deadlifting

Bicep injuries while deadlifting are generally caused by people getting excited and attempting to use their bicep to jerk the weight. If you deadlift 600, you probably can’t cheat curl it. Your arms are hooks when deadlifting, do not use them to try and curl or jerk the weight or you are flirting with disaster. If your arms are extended, you will not injure your bicep. Also, injuries can happen if people lose the ability to fully supinate their arms; in this case, the bicep is trying to compensate because to deadlift properly using a mixed grip, you need to supinate your arms. If you cannot fully extend your arms because of a mechanical issue, you are at an increased risk. If you are a powerlifter, use the hook grip; if you are a BB or gym rat, pull over hand with straps!

Never do heavy shrugs or deadlifts after bicep work. The bicep is already tight and the likelihood of injury is much greater. Text books don’t cover this, even though it seems fairly elementary.