Congrats to David Lemmel

I want to congratulate my clients, David Lemmel, for setting some huge PRs this weekend.  David has put on 330 pounds on his total since we started working together in January 2012.  David has a family and is a Medical Doctor but still gets the job done.  The key to David’s recent increases, besides focus on bar speed with Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT), has been attacking the glutes, hamstrings and upper back and bringing the up to snuff.  David is one step closer to his goal of qualifying for raw unity!

In his own words:

Things went well this past weekend.


I squatted 528, benched 413, and deadlifted 560 for a 1501 total, 100lb increase from last meet (6 months ago). I won my weight class (by 5 lbs) – there were several pretty good 275-pounders.


Anyways, thanks for all the help – I’d been stuck at the same total, even moving backwards a little – I think my maxes were 400, 350, and 420 or so in January of 2012 when we started working together (so a total of 1170) – I’ve now had an increase in my total of 330lb in one and a half years. – Thanks again –


Thank you, David, for great mental toughness and a great work ethic!

Here is David’s 413 Raw Bench Press PR