Arlington Personal Trainer, Josh Bryant, congratulates clients on great performances!!


My client, Jason Cooper, hit a 20 lbs bench press PR after dropping 70 pounds, going from a hard fought 385 to an easy 405.  I’m very proud of Jason’s discipline and hard work. A huge thing for Jason was building grinding strength with high rep board presses with a close grip.

In his own words:

“First huge thanks for all you’ve done for me! The meet was small only about 12 lifters so I got volunteered to be the man lift of in between my lifts which didn’t turn out to be too bad because it didn’t give me a chance to think too much. First attempt was 365 good lift didn’t feel like the last workout but not too heavy, second attempt 390 again felt better than first lift was good. Last attempt almost jumped to 410 but played it safe and went to 405 and didn’t feel too bad was a good lift, but half the guys lifting said it looked like I had more in me so I’m not sure what felt better successful lift or the compliments. I can honestly say it was a double win over all I dropped 70lbs of body weight and had a successful meet without sacrificing strength.”

BJ Whitehead, after a quad injury on the squat, still made lemonade out of lemons.  Most folks would have gone up and gathered splinters in their butt watching from the bleachers, not BJ “old blood and guts” Whitehead, who persevered to hit two huge PRs.  BJ’s newly developed tricep strength helped take his bench press to a solid 530 PR.

BJ also entered a new realm on the deadlift nailing 700, on one leg!  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but the squat situation didn’t help things, watch BJ nut up here:

Richard Ficca is back from his bicep tear!  After an unfortunate chain of events at a strongman contest, Richard hit a huge PR squat, huge PR deadlift and total!  Via 655, 515, 655, Richard will be over 600 in the bench shortly in a full meet.  Watch out for 2000 by the end of the year!  This is one of the hardest working, determined human beings I have ever seen.

Priscilla Smith had another strong showing at the Phil Heath Classic after taking sixth place at the Arnold class two weeks earlier.  Elitefts got some good footage of me training her earlier this year.  She is bold, beautiful and determined- nothing will stop her in getting her pro card. She gives new meaning to hard work!!  We really worked on bringing her upper back and glutes up via a high frequency strategy.