Two Paradigm Shifts- Motel to Mansion Mindset II

By: Josh Bryant

Kaz, Peter Edgette, Josh Bryant and Luke Bryant 

The motel mindset loves safe spaces and trophies for everyone while the mansion mindset grabs the bull by the balls and makes rocky mountain oysters.

We aren’t going to drive  down an avenue of theory today, just straight down the street of experience.  You will be introduced to two paradigm shifts that will help you check out of the motel and make the mansion home.

Power of Choice

I am  around many folks with mansion mindsets that live in a perpetual Jungian state of synchronicity and others with a motel mindset who routinely sell their pants to a thrift store  for a buck and forget there is $20 in the pocket!

Mindset doesn’t always determine the cards but it sure as hell plays the hand.

“Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men. We are free agents, and man is more powerful than matter,” said Benjamin Disraeli.  This powerful quote runs in stark contrast to the motel mindset that views people as victims of uncontrollable circumstances. 

The motel mindset says, “I have to go to work” or “I have to train”; viewing themselves at the mercy of uncontrollable forces. Contrast this to the mansion mindset that knows they don’t HAVE to do anything, everything is a choice.  

In a secular sense, the motel mindset views people as controlled agents dancing to the music of their DNA. In a theological tone, it’s the hyper-Calvinistic outlook that views people as robots that lack control over their own destiny and even minor decisions.  

The mansion mindset believes in cause and effect.  

By having this sense of control, you will be motivated to accomplish great things, be more goal oriented and work harder; this is why mansion mindset leads to happiness and fulfillment.

As you first adopt a mansion mindset and you accept that choices control your destiny, it is scary and about as welcoming as an outhouse breeze, but as you flee the motel mindset and metamorphize into the mansion mindset, it’s the ultimate freedom.

You can be whoever you want be, do what you want to do and have what you want. Believing in choice becomes part of your self-image and your subconscious makes sure your actions are harmonious with your self-image; over time, this belief builds momentum and your goals become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Future Oriented

The motel mindset is a prisoner of the past because it makes people feel a lot safer than stepping into the unknow future.  This obsession with the past corroborates every bad thing that has ever happened to someone and offers a great excuse not to change .  

When the motel mindset excuses itself from presently taking action toward a great future because of a past event or person, it gives away its power to that past person or event. This powerless state gives away the power to change and initiates a cumulative psychological injury cycle.

When someone with the motel mindset dwells on past negatives, they take a snap shot of those events, this picture gets wired into their neural circuitry and over time molds their self-image, and ultimately their state of being.

The mansion mindset aligns with the teaching of the great mystic, St. Francis of Assisi, who taught we are what we are seeking.  The best way to have a great future is to  take action now and create it!  

Your nervous system does not know the difference between a real and imagined experience.  Start now, creating a mental movie starring you of your future and you will begin activating the creative centers in your brain; with repetition, this will become a recording that will effortlessly playback.  

 Doing this frequently and lucidly chisels your future destiny. 

As your self-image becomes defined by that vision of the future, you are no longer a prisoner of your past.  And remember, over 90 percent of thoughts  are ones you’ve already had.  So, that dog won’t hunt when it comes to change if you are not actively creating mental movies of your future.

In a best-case scenario, the motel mindset  focuses on the good ol’ days and in a worst case, on past injustices, real or not.  

To cultivate the mansion mindset, focus your mental movies on your future self, along with taking consistent aligning actions, and enjoy the present process as you fulfill your purpose!

Here are three steps to take that will shift you to a future-oriented mansion mindset.  

  • Write down new goals you want to fire and wire in your brain and then  daily, with complete focus and intention, execute steps that align to form your self-image.
  • Every day, mentally rehearse the behaviors you’re going to demonstrate in your life. This means  close your eyes and in a relaxed state, begin to star in a mental movie  of what you’re going to do during the present day that aligns with your goals. This is primer for your brain to create your future and free yourself of your past. 
  • Every time you passionately watch a mental movie of your future, you  teach your body emotionally how your future is going to feel—and as Joe Dirt says, “Keep on keeping on” until you feel like that person!

 Final Thoughts

The mansion mindset is something that is learned and, like physical training, requires consistent daily effort.  As you shift to the mansion mindset, you will dream bigger and you will enjoy the experience along the way. 

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