Training Mindset

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Unfortunately, there is not a life coach at the gas station at 3 AM. In fact, you do not know who is waiting for you and what the rules will be when you meet him. Your attacker may brandish a nasty right hand from his childhood days when his father made him fight grown men in the basement or a broken whiskey bottle with your name on it. In the words of the political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the encounter will be “nasty, brutish, and short.” Your training should be in preparation for this reality. But, that’s not the focus during this workout, regardless of objective. Things just clicked here in a serendipitous synchronicity, forgive me for using a Jungian term. I did not ask myself is the painful, pleasurable, grinding or fun? Why? To reserve making judgements that put myself separate from this work. This was attacked in a non-dualistic, single-minded, laser-like focus. No monkey mind—all irrelevant mental chatter was silenced. This is the zone!!!! Where I am completely present, totally intentional, and totally submerged in the activity, operating at a dimension beyond time and space. The circuit was a 25-pound weighted lateral vest jump, 200 ish real world tire throw, 25-pound sledge swings. I freaking love this!!!! Thanks for your the inspiration @realworld_tactical #gasstationready #jailhousestrong #individualoverinstitution #strongman #functional training #Dive bar defense#oldschoolbloodandgutsmalestripper #selfdefense #Bouncer specifictraining #tripleextension #olympicweightlifting #olympiclifting #southlaketx #southlake

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