Dynamic Correspondence or Transfer of Training to Sports Performance

4-4-12(Staff Photo by Sean Hiller)- Food blogger Chris Cognac works out with personal trainer Jerry Gamallo, owner of Elite Fitness in Torrance, to try to get in shape in 30 days.

No matter how fun or novel something looks…… A good guide on transference is the following factors identified by the late legendary, Soviet Sports Scientist, Yuri Verkhoshansky, are what is called dynamic correspondence or transfer of training to sports performance. 

✔️Accentuated Regions of Force Production (where in the range of motion are the greatest forces produced/incurred) 

✔️Amplitude and direction of movement (range of motion and direction in which resistance is overcome) 

✔️Dynamics of Effort (motion specific to movement with and without consideration of forces involved) 

✔️Rate and time of maximum force production (for how long and how fast is maximum force produced) 

✔️Regime of Muscular Work (types of muscle activity: concentric, isometric, eccentric, explosive, reactive) 
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