Time Under Tension Tactical Training

by: Josh Bryant and Adam benShea

 Thank you for continued, loyal support!  Because of this, for the next week, our newest book, Time Under Tension Tactical Training, will be available at the early bird price of $3.99. Grab it HERE before it doubles.

“The time under tension training helped met at work. I got into an extended fight with a guy fresh out of prison. He reached for my duty weapon multiple times and tried to strike me with blunt force objects. He ended up in the  hospital with broken ribs, a broken nose, collapsed lung, and kidney puncture. I went home with only a swollen right hand. The fight lasted around 4 minutes total and spanned about 50 yards across the road and through the woods.”

This is a real-life testimonial from a tactical athlete using our Gas Station Ready Time Under Tension Program.

Maybe  you aren’t  a tactical athlete, but are more aesthetic driven, the Chippendales Ready Time Under Tension Program is for you.

Because of the quarantine—no gym?  No problem.  Our Quarantine Ready  Time Under Tension Program requires nothing BUT YOU.

Three programs—one book; keeping you ready so you don’t have to get ready.