This is my second time working with Josh. The first time around he took me from a 330 to 365 bench, 450 to 500 squat, and 600 to 650 deadlift. So, a gain of 135lbs in 12 weeks. Not too shabby. Prior to this, my numbers had been stuck around there for about 2 years. Around 6 weeks after finishing his training I injured my lower back during some of my own strongman training. Josh was kind enough to refer me out to someone for help with my rehab. After over a year of rehab later, I was ready get serious again. Of course, my lifts had dropped WAY down over the previous PR’s.
Upon starting with Josh for the second run, my squat, bench and dead were 315, 400, and 495 respectivly. Because of my previous injury and continued rehab on my back, Josh totally changed around my training. As before, he was very supportive via email and text with feedback and any questions I had. Josh also put a bulk diet together for me, with my starting weight of 250lbs.
We started working and I started eating, and boy did I eat. And eat. And eat, and eat. But, it worked. My lifts were going up and so was the scale. Fast forward to the end of 12 weeks. I ended up hitting a 525 squat which was a 25lb all time PR. We had a bench goal set at 405 and while I did just miss it, I smashed 395 for a 30lb lifetime PR. My deadlift was the slowest to move, but I did manage to drag it back up a bit, ending with a 605lb pull. The scale went up as well, as I ended at a bodyweight of 274lbs.
I have been blessed in the past with good gyms and good training partners. I thought I was training hard and smart. While I look back and realize that I was training very hard, it wasn’t very smart. While training virtually by myself on these two runs with Josh, I’ve made bigger gains in my strength and size with Josh over a period of 24 weeks than I did with years of training on my own programming. I cannot reccomend his services enough.