My Epiphany

I ain’t done yet! I remember built-in habits are built-in. Instead of taking apart the building brick by brick, I called in the demolition crew and made the process swift and severe. Nutrition To summarize what Charles advised me, I was to eat zero carbs for 12 days, supplement with fiber powder and on the 13th day, have a free-for-all carb day, which is exactly what I did. It’s fun enjoying the “bad foods” as a treat instead of a nutritional staple. After this phase, Charles advised me to add in green vegetables and nuts on the no-carb days and carb up every 5th day for a month, done! Since then, I have been “carbing” up one to two days a week for eight-hour increments, the rest of the time I eat meat, green vegetables and nuts. I do not limit the quantity on meats or vegetables and enjoy preparing food with butter or coconut oil. How often I carb is based off intuition and feel. My carb-up days often find me at the local Waffle House for the good food and even better free entertainment. I do not premake food; I live in Texas, the land of BBQ. If I am out I have BBQ (no sauce) with green beans or spinach. I am not planning on bodybuilding, I know this could be more scientific but it’s getting the job done and does not feel like bodybuilding prep, it feels like a healthier lifestyle without a sacrifice. Supplementation After talking with Charles at the seminar, I am supplementing with liquid D3, zinc, magnesium, CLA and high amounts of fish oil. Interestingly, last time I had my testosterone levels checked in 2010 they were a slightly above average at 705. Four years later they are a simian 867!!! Training My clients are my # 1 priority; I am not planning on competing again. I currently lift three days a week, balls out. I hit the 200-pound heavy bag for 30 minutes in intervals three days a week, finishing off with light “extra lifting” work for a total of 10 minutes or so. I do not spend the time I once did in the gym, but when I do, I take no prisoners and fear for the individual that disrupts one of my workout sessions. Motivation If I ever need inspiration I think about the seminar in Chicago. Furthermore, this year I am doing a seminar tour around the US with Dr. Fred Hatfield, a mentor of mine. If things seem difficult, I just envision myself presenting side by side with someone I consider a hero with my Jailhouse Strong no nonsense physique to match. Anytime anything seems difficult, I always focus on what the struggle will bring. Final Thoughts Thank you, Charles, for the inspiration! I look better, feel better and perform better. I now weigh 255, I started the transformation at 275, the body composition is much more important than the weight. Have a healthy and happy 2015! Get detailed workouts Josh uses with his clients and himself HERE]]>