Jailhouse Strong: Interval Training

Are you looking to lean out and harden up?   Instead of interminable days of long, slow cardio that makes you weaker, slower, and eats away at muscle, there is a better way. Interval training is that way! In this latest edition to the Amazon bestselling Jailhouse Strong series, Jailhouse Strong: Interval Training offers effective methods for the plush gym or a minimalist setting.   Jailhouse Strong: Interval Training will get you ready for the summer pool party or the unarmed combat scenario in the wee morning hours at your local gas station, aka #GasStationReady.   Dumbbell Pause Floor Flys By: Josh Bryant Big, brawny and powerful pecs spark admiration in the hearts of men and less than pure thoughts in the hearts of honky tonk angels! Heavy presses and dips have been the primary building blocks in constructing the most massive chests of all-time, be it Schwarzenegger, Reg Park or Ronnie Coleman. But the finishing touches in constructing these master pieces were done with variations of the fly. Arnold has spoken about the fly being not only a detail movement but a mass-building one. A majority of meathead pundits will admit to the effectiveness of the fly but often times dismiss them because of shoulder pain or finding the right range of motion. I want to share with you an exercise I have recently had excellent results using on some of my clients, ranging from top powerlifters in the world to more aesthetic-minded enthusiasts.  The exercise is the floor pause dumbbell fly; I learned it from bodybuilding legend, Bill Pearl. Exercise Performance

  • Lie on the floor with two dumbbells above your shoulders, with arms 15 degrees shy of full extension
  • With your palms facing, lower the weights in an arching motion
  • When your elbows hit the floor they should be even with your chest, pause briefly for a half second
  • From the position squeeze the dumbbells back together in arching motion
  • Stop the dumbbells a few inches shy of touching to keep constant tension on pecs
  • Repeat for desired number of reps
  • Concentrate movement on pectorals

Check out author, Josh Bryant, performing floor dumbbell pause flys HERE. Final Thoughts Give this movement a shot! Next chest training do 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps. Start with light weight, approximately 10% of your bench press one-rep max in each hand; so if you bench press 200 pounds,  this would be 20 pounds. Be prepared for a great pump! Time to hit the pig iron!  ]]>