Get Certified by Josh Through ISSA

The bodybuilder sculpts his body with Michelangelo-like precision striving for the timeless physique that gracefully balances muscle mass, symmetry and minimal body fat.  Every muscle is detailed and harmoniously flows into the next. 

In my transition from an overweight powerlifter, I used bodybuilding principles, under the tutelage of Metroflex founder, Brian Dobson, while training at the number one bodybuilding gym in the world. Since then, I have fine-tuned my own system and coached top-level IFBB pro bodybuilders like Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson and Corey Mathews. These principles have also worked with elite bikini competitors. 

I constantly get asked about what goes on in my head. What type of training system do I use? 

I have partnered with ISSA to bring you the most comprehensive bodybuilding certification course ever produced. No secrets are held back.

Bodybuilding, done correctly, has obvious aesthetic benefits but has a host of health benefits ranging from decreasing coronary heart disease to helping the elderly combat osteoporosis.  

The cutting-edge techniques in my bodybuilding course go far beyond the realm of theory and have been used by top professional bodybuilders, those striving to be #ChipendalesReady and “Mrs. Jones”.

Building your best physique will not only improve your self-confidence and inspire others but, as a personal trainer, you will have one up on the competition by looking the part.     

Get the new course HERE. 

The ISSA’s new Bodybuilding course covers cutting edge training methods, recovery, psychological strategies, and nutritional protocols to prepare the personal trainer to work with a professional prepping for the Olympia Stage or the weekend warrior that wants to look and feel their best.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how the principles of muscle anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics apply to program design
  • Identify resistance training strategies and modalities that can be used to optimize muscle hypertrophy and strength
  • Analyze the pros and cons of various aerobic strategies as they relate to an individual bodybuilder’s goals
  • Learn cutting-edge interval training strategies 
  • Identify the factors that contribute to muscle hypertrophy
  • Describe exercises intended to increase strength and hypertrophy
  • Learn the importance and how to build a limit strength base
  • Identify the causes of overtraining and injury
  • Apply the principles of basic nutrition and supplementation as they pertain to athletes’ health and fitness goals
  • Understand how ergogenic aids can be used to improve performance and the health risks that they present
  • Identity the sports psychology strategies and techniques that assist athletes in achieving the mental preparedness necessary for optimal performance in bodybuilding

After completing this course, students will:

  • Administer performance tests and body composition tests to properly assess and monitor bodybuilders’ fitness level and stage readiness
  • Customize the components of a training program according to the foundational training phase, hypertrophy training phase, and cutting training phase needs
  • Articulate strategies that can be used to ensure that athletes have optimal recovery from training sessions
  • Objectively evaluate the efficacy of popular training strategies
  • Apply nutrition and supplement strategies according to the needs of an athlete during the foundational training phase, hypertrophy training phase, and cutting training phase