Jumping Your Way to Fat Loss

By: Josh Bryant

Mike Tyson

For centuries, prize fighters have reaped the benefits of jumping rope, helping them become more mobile, agile and hostile in the game of fisticuffs. 

With exception of a few heavy-weight outliers, fighters are lean. Think about it, if you are required to fight within a weight class, any excess body fat is a liability. 

Now, you may not have any immediate plans for a pugilistic debut, but with spring here, odds are your training goals include shedding body fat.  Jumping rope can help do just that and furthermore, you will gain the asset of increased athleticism by default.

Fat loss

Thankfully, logging countless hours on the same, boring piece of cardio equipment or putting in endless miles of joint-destroying, testosterone-ridding road work is no longer in vogue.

As close to unanimous consensus as the fitness community can come, folks in the trenches and labs now agree that interval training is superior to long, slow cardio for fat loss.

One of the best forms of interval training is jumping rope.

Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient fat-burning workouts available. Unlike other forms of interval training that are much more stressful on the Central Nervous System (CNS), muscles and connective tissues are also spared significant stress while jumping rope. 

Further Benefits 

Synergy can be explained simply with this equation 1 + 1=3; with jumping rope all of a sudden 1 + 1=4.


Jumping rope works muscles throughout the entire body and develops lean muscles in all major muscle groups.  Of course, jumping rope optimizes conditioning and maximizes athletic skills by combining agility, coordination, timing, and endurance, at the same time helping you burn body fat and increases your prowess from the field of play to playing the field, from the barroom to the board room.

Money Talks

Now you are probably thinking if jumping rope is so great why aren’t famous personal trainers and other fitness celebrities singing its praises?

Money talks!

Hardly anyone makes money if you buy a $5 jump rope; jumping rope benefits no one but you.

The Workout 

Now that you understand the benefits of jumping rope, let’s look at an effective jump rope routine.

Start by jumping rope 30 seconds and resting one minute for six sets. Depending on ability, add 10 seconds per week or workout, without increasing the rest interval. 

Make it your goal to complete six sets of three minutes of jumping rope, with a one-minute rest interval. 

Once you complete this, start deducting five seconds per workout from the rest interval.  The goal is to make to a 30-second rest interval, while jumping rope for six sets of three minutes.  Once this is accomplished, body fat will have melted off and conditioning will be at a whole new level.  

I recommend starting this program by jumping rope two to three times per week.

Final Thoughts

Jumping rope leaves no excuses; you do it in your drive way, at the gym or in a hotel room.  Jump ropes are light and portable.

Jump your way to fat loss and a new level of athleticism.

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