The Best is Yet to Come!

By: Josh Bryant

A therapist asks, “What seems to be your problem?” The client answers, “My problem is ______.”


Why the hell would someone seeing a therapist want to keep a problem and take ownership over it? That is exactly what the client is doing by saying “my” problem. When you say my, you are saying this problem belongs to me. And if belongs to you, you can sell it on eBay or at the local flea market! 

 If something belongs to you, your subconscious mind thinks literally and will damn sure make sure you keep this problem!

Change “my” problem to “the” problem.  Do you take out “my” trash or “the” trash? You take out “the” trash; in this case, the problem is the trash and belongs in the hyperbolic dumpster.  

You could even say, “I am experiencing a problem.”  You experience being full or hungry, tired or well rested, warm or cold; you are not any of these things.  If you feel hungry you can eat, if you feel tired you can rest, the problems you are experiencing have solutions!

Claiming ownership over any negative problem is one of the quickest ways to self-sabotage. Depersonalizing the problem opens your door to a solution.  

The flip side is if something is productive “name it and claim it”, in the words of the late Reverend Ike.  Use this natural law “I have prosperity”, “I have poise” or “I have perseverance.” Personalize and take ownership over the desirable traits while simultaneously taking out the trash.


Programming and recognizing patterns is cybernetics, which comes from theGreek word kybernetes, which means “steersman”. Your self-talk are the words you use steer your mind to success or failure; this natural law is as irrefutable as gravity.

When you are setting goals or speaking about manifesting desires, it is vital to use words that produce the highest probability of success. I am  sharing some  more examples I learned from my late Coach/hypnotist, William C. Smith; this list is not exhaustive but is conceptual and this  tool will help you live your best life now.

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