Boss of Bosses

Ogden Myklebust III, TD Davis, James Strickland, Julius Maddox, Josh Bryant and Rob Hall (not pictured: Adam “Hollywood” Ferchen)

This past weekend was one of the highlights of my coaching career, hell, my life! I want to share with you how well my lifters did at Boss of Bosses 6; always a first-class event, run by powerlifting demigod Dan Green and his lovely wife, Sparkle. 

Check out the video for a detailed breakdown, but, here are the highlights. 

Julius Maddox bench pressed 739.6 lbs for the all-time heaviest weight ever bench pressed in the history of mankind. 

 Other videos are on my IG HERE.  

James Strickland hit a 2182 lb total RAW. He squatted 760 lbs, bench pressed 639 lbs (all-time world record in a full meet in the 308-lb weight class) and deadlifted 782 lbs. 

TD Jakes, just kidding, rev, the legendary Thomas Davis IPF world-record bench press holder totaled 2237 RAW with wraps in his first three-lift meet, ever. He hit an 810-lb squat, 622-lb bench and 804-lb deadlift. I love noting TD is the strongest law enforcement officer in the world. 

Rob Hall has been to hell and back the past year. Instead of giving in, he charged it with a bucket of ice and shot craps with the devil himself. In his first come-back meet, Rob hit RAW a 782-lb squat, 562-lb bench and a 799-lb deadlift (he was about an inch away from hitting 832). He weighed in at a svelte 307 lbs.  

Ogden Myklebust III has been working around some injuries, but still came and gave his all. His highlights include a 507-lb bench, an 854-lb deadlift and a close attempt at 881. He weighed in at 241 lbs and will definitely be world records in his future. 

Adam Ferchen had a huge PR squat of 766 lbs, RAW with wraps and walked away with a huge PR total of 1950 lbs weighing in at 218 lbs. This has been a huge year for Adam because his business has exploded and he runs over 20 powerlifting meets per year in the great state of New York. 

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