Rucking Gains

Do you hate cardio? 


Are you tired of logging countless miles of road work that’s rewarded you with testosterone levels in the gutter and a dadbod?  

Then start rucking! 

Rucking is simple.  Its beauty is in its simplicity.  Grab a backpack, throw some weight in and start walking.  

The benefits of rucking range from fat burning, heart health, improved posture, strength building, being LESS stressful on the body than running, getting you out in nature and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rucking itself is simple, but rucking needs technically sound execution and the right moderate dose; rucking will greatly enhance health, but if abused with too much too often, it will cause problems. 

This is where Rucking Gains comes in.

We teach you the fundamentals of rucking, rucking program design, and offer a proven, cutting-edge, safe and effective rucking program. If you’re preparing for elite military selection, we have your program covered, too.

Let’s make some rucking gains!