Deadlift More Today and Forever

by Josh Bryant

Dr. Squat could jump!

The deadlift has been around longer than your grandma’s antique China set.

Back in the day, cavemen would lift rocks for survival. If they couldn’t lift it, they got their brains bashed in like a piñata, just like some pendejo that asks too many questions in Tijuana’s Dandy Del Sur.

If you’re serious about deadlifting, you need to know a little secret that’ll have you lifting heavier than a sumo wrestler on a trampoline!

Now, listen up, because this is important. 

Static stretching before deadlifting is like trying to swim with a lead vest on. It’ll slow you down!

Science has proven that static stretching decreases your explosive power and force production. Let’s face it, explosive power is what separates the deadlifting pit bulls from the pussy cats.

Instead, try some dynamic stretching.

It puts the iron in your soul and the lead in your pencil. 

When you do a vertical jump, your power comes from your posterior chain, and your hip flexors are like your grumpy old Soviet vodka-schilling neighbor, Igor, that yells at your kids to get off their lawn. The hip flexors work as antagonist to the glutes (meaning resist vertical jump ability). If the hip flexors are in a weakened state, you can jump higher; you have, in essence, opposed the resistance.

Then BOOM! One day I was sippin’ on some Sake, and I had myself an epiphany. 

This same technique for improving your vertical jump could be applied to your deadlift! It’s true! When you reach the top of a deadlift and lockout your glutes, your hip flexors are the antagonist, but you can weaken that opposition using the same approach. 

Stretch those suckers out before deadlifting, you’ll be able to lift more weight than a circus strongman with a grudge!

So, here’s the bottom line, folks.

Stretch your hip flexors for two sets of 60 seconds each side before your next deadlift session, and watch your max weight go up like a rocket on the 4th of July. 

And who knows, with that kind of strength, you might even be able to take on a bear or two at the Big Top Circus. Just don’t tell PETA I said that.

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