Mastering Momentum–Motel to Mansion Mindset III

By: Josh Bryant

The motel mindset is never ready for a million-dollar opportunity because it operates at a poverty level of consciousness. The mansion mindset capitalizes on million-dollar opportunities  because it has mastered momentum.

The motel mindset operates off of emotion when it comes to buying the latest iPhone but off of logic when it comes to repeated success in business or the field of play.  The mansion mindset makes more logic-based decisions when it comes to 401ks but also grasps that humans are highly emotional creatures. Furthermore, the mansion mindset realizes this emotional reality, leveraged correctly, creates a synergy in results, which generates quantum jumps in progress. 

Momentum is a state of being that awakens energy, enthusiasm and passion.  Someone who believes he has momentum looks, talks, thinks and acts like a totally different person.

The mansion mindsets knows the outhouse can quickly become the penthouse with momentum and anything is possible when momentum lasts long enough.

The mansion mindset uses momentum to pour gasoline on their passionate fire and even help transfer their beliefs to team members, customers or anyone under their influence. The mansion mindset takes advantage of this emotional energy flow without throwing logic out the window. 

The beauty of it all is your nervous system does not know the difference between a real and imagined experience.  You can change your reality by having an inner experience, you are the placebo!

And since momentum is a subjective emotional experience, it can be manufactured in your mind; this synthetic creation will attract more and more momentum.

Here are four ways for you to create momentum.

Focus on and embrace the process.  What does success look like for you long term? Start with the end in mind, then shift your  focus on the process of what you need to do day to day to get there.  You don’t have complete control over the outcome (product) but you do have control over the process.  By identifying the process and committing to it, you will gain momentum daily as you do what you are suppose to do.  The product is always better when you embrace the process.

Eliminate energy drains and recharge. Psychic energy is finite.  What in your life constantly drags you down?  I used to watch the news but constantly hearing about earthquakes, tornados, wars, politics, disease and other negatives sapped my energy.  I stopped watching the news; boom, felt better and preserved my psychic energy.  What about you—are there things you do that drag you down?  Figure this out and take action. The more energy drains you eliminate the higher the energy field in you will operate, good things start to happen and you develop momentum.  Even doing all of the right things, we all need a recharge. Figure out what recharges you and roll with it, it could be prayer, reading, meditation, golf, sensory deprivation therapy, hunting, walking your dog, all that matters is it works for you. I do, however, recommend your recharge is something non-electronic to avoid overstimulation of your senses.

Create a brain trust.  Find and identify a group of people that can help your life move forward.  This should include a wide range and diversity of opinions.  Sometimes a negative person who is  a catastrophic thinker might be just the recipe, if this person can’t find any holes in your plan, this is a huge boost to your momentum!  This same person might also identify the kinks in your armor, then you can eliminate these kinks thus generating momentum.  Other times someone with the polyanna syndrome might shed the light on a seemingly impossible battle.  Your brain trust can be called on individually or collectively to help you run over roadblocks and keep your momentum moving forward.

Create Mental Movies Sports psychology research and, hell, my own personal experience, verify when you create a vivid mental movie, your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between your imagined experience and a real one. Think back to the  last time you thought about something that made you nervous.. This stressful situation was a mental movie where you were the star and it made you very uneasy. Point being, your body responded to the mental movie in the same way it would if you were actually in that situation.  The beauty is this  power can be used with positive mental movies. Every day for 15 to 20 minutes imagine living in the reality of a goal or desire.  Don’t only see it on a big bright, panoramic 3-dimensional screen, but hear it, smell it, taste it and touch it.  Integrate all of your senses, the more vivid the experience the powerful the effect!! Build momentum by continually succeeding in your mental movies.

 Final Thoughts

The motel mindset waits for momentum to strike and when it does, it can’t figure out if it found its rope or lost its cow!  The mansion mindset creates momentum and steam rolls goals.

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