Powerbuilding 1-10-1

by: Josh Bryant

Want to look jacked, have the strength to back it up all while improving your work capacity and overall conditioning?

Bodybuilders, off-season powerlifters, and old heads who want to throw around some pig iron while getting in and out of the gym in less than an hour will thrive with my Powerbuilding 1-10-1 Program.

This program is fast, furious, and ready to take you to the next level.

The Powerbuilding 1-10-1 Program requires a six-week commitment, three workouts a week are required with a fourth optional one.

The Powerbuilding 1-10–1 Program uses my most innovative, battle-proven techniques as well as classic principles from bodybuilding and powerlifting to develop size, symmetry, strength, and conditioning.

The Powerbuilding 1-10-1

The 1-10-1 method was popularized by OG Powerbuilding Superhero, Chuck Sipes. Sipes was one of the first bodybuilders with extreme size and matching symmetry.  In the 1960s, Sipes weighed approximately 220 pounds and bench pressed 570 pounds along with a laundry list of strength feats. 

By all accounts, Chuck Sipes had an amazing work capacity that bordered on superhuman. Besides working as a lumberjack, this capacity was built with his 1-10-1 system.

Over a decade ago, I wrote in the now defunct Muscle Mag International about Sipes’ 1-10-1 system and people LOVED IT!

However, the questions piled in on how does one progress this system beyond a “single shock” session?  How does one stay strong training with a 20-rep max?  How does one combine this with the other training principles I have advocated?

I took this to heart and after a decade of experimentation, I am bringing the proven results to you!

Because this training doesn’t involve training at 90 percent of your one-repetition max, week in and week out, you are giving your joints, CNS and body a much-needed break—as you simultaneously increase your work capacity and look better naked.

Keep in mind, I have sprinkled in just the right amount of semi heavyweight so you do not lose the hard-earned strength you have built!

This training program is perfect to add muscle and once it is completed, it positions the lifter perfectly for a powerlifting peaking cycle. A well-designed powerlifting peaking cycle starts with a focus on higher volume and more general movement and ends at the meet with low volume and very specific movement. With good off-season training, you’re ready to blow right past the high-volume stage of the cycle and focus on proper lift execution.

The Powerbuilding 1-10-1 Program is a very time-efficient program and concurrently promotes hypertrophy, strength, greater work capacity, and fat loss.

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I will sign off by saying thank you. Because of people like you, I get to pursue my passion for a living and it’s an honor to share my decades of knowledge with you and help you become the best version of yourself.