Tactical Grip Training Book

Tactical Grip Training poster

The modern dreariness of sedentary screen time results in you staring down at a midsection growing faster than the national debt. Well, it’s time to look up from that navel gazing and out toward a sincere symbol of unapologetic vigor, vitality, and virility. Across time, grip strength endures as the initial indicator of physical and…

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Destroy Sticking Points!

A bald man working out

by: Josh Bryant Fancier is better in today’s fitness world! Instead of following the crowd with the newest “Cirque du Soleil” workout fad, let’s look at a bare-bone basic method that will develop the ability to destroy sticking points.  All you need is a power rack, a barbell and a desire to get better. What are…

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5 Reasons Your Deadlift Sucks

A man deadlifting a heavy set of weights

(Avoid these five common deadlift pitfalls to maximize strength and minimize the risk of injury) By Josh Bryant 800-pound deadlifts helped Ronnie Coleman, the greatest bodybuilder to ever walk the face of the earth, build the best back of all-time and, in the process, win the crown of Mr. Olympia eight times. Bill Kazmaier, the…

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Scramble Strong

take your Jiu-Jitsu skills to the next level

The old Jiu-Jitsu adage is that technique conquers all. But let’s be real, strength matters. Strength will help you apply technique more effectively. Strength will help to keep you injury free and on the mat. Strength will take your Jiu-Jitsu to the next level. Build strength through using the proven Jailhouse Strong methodology… And tailored…

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Squat Depth for Athletes

man lifting weights

by: Josh Bryant Fifteen years ago, a majority of commercial squats were higher than a Bolivian stilt walker with an overactive pituitary gland. Now days, a common mistake is athletes squatting lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. Not everyone needs to squat ass to grass, regardless of what some gurus claim. In…

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Why Ruck?

man lifting heavy bag

by: Josh Bryant You aren’t training for war or even a career as a tactical athlete, so should you ruck? And what are the benefits? Cardio for Cardio Haters Maybe it was Sergeant Ignacio Coral, the toughest Mexican this side of Pancho Villa, who screamed at you as you jogged while he reeked of 90…

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Shredded, Savage, and Dense—Myogenic Tone

speed strong

by: Josh Bryant Ever wonder why the physiques of pump and pose fluffers have a different look than the old-head lifters that routinely slay the heavy pig iron? Success leaves clues.  Look at the physiques of top-level sprinters, whether it’s Ben Johnson or Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. Or, hey, just go to a high-level track meet and…

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Get Huge with Hyperplasia

by: Josh Bryant Hypertrophy is the accepted mechanism of increased mass. Basically, you are born with a certain number of muscle fibers; these can increase in size but not in number. But what if the number of muscle fibers could increase? During the late ’60s and early ’70s, European scientists discovered that the muscle cells…

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5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Bench Press

Text about how we help individuals lift heavier

by Josh Bryant World’s Strongest Man Competitors, gym bros and Chippendales dancer are asked one question when venturing into public, “How much ya bench?” As a powerlifter, the bench press is one of your competition lifts. If you were an inmate in San Quentin in the 1970s, your bench press strength determined your position in…

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Just Released

Instagram post of a satisfied client

In elite iron game circles, nothing is more coveted than a big bench press! In high school, the bench press is your bragging right. In the collegiate and professional ranks, athletes use the bench press to build upper body strength and mass. If you are a powerlifter, a great emphasis is placed on the bench…

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